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DeltaCom International Pte Ltd
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We offer Consulting Services & IT Solutions
DeltaCom is specialized in Backup, Hardware & Software, SAN Storage, Networking, Email, Security and System Monitoring.

DeltaCom offers Consulting Services and Managed Services at the competitive price. We have more than 10 years experience in the industry, primarily banking and telco environment. We can recommend best practice solutions to customers. We identify customer needs, gather the requirements, propose project plan for approval, perform the implementation according to design specifications agreed, integrate and test the environment, and handover the production environment back to you.
DeltaCom partner with several Technology companies to offers customers with the best IT Solutions at the affordable prices. No jobs are too small or too big for us. We do end-to-end solutions to customers. In addition, we offer IT Maintenance plan to customers at affordable price. We can manage your infrastructure, backup, software & hardware, storage, networking, email, security,etc so you can focus on your business that generate revenue most. One of our customers need to migrate Data/OS into new environment. We perform upgrade for the applications, install OS patches required for standardization and ensure customer experience smooth transition. We are ready to help you achieve your goals. We can become your trusted one-stop IT solutions vendors.